Our Sustainability Approach

Prosperity REIT is a responsible corporate citizen, committed to integrating sustainability into our culture and business. We believe that incorporating sustainability values in our operations will help the business to achieve long-term success for our business. The ongoing climate crisis has brought about sweeping changes to business operations worldwide, materialising both as risks and opportunities. Prosperity REIT took proactive steps to protect our businesses from rising climate risks and rode the wave of current sustainability megatrends and opportunities. A climate change policy is in place to align the business with Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission’s (“SFC’s”) “Circular to licensed corporations – Management and Disclosure of Climate-related Risks by Fund Managers” (the “Circular”).

Sustainability Vision 2030

Prosperity REIT’s “Vision 2030” strives to align our sustainability roadmap with the UNSDGs. To tackle the sustainability challenges, we seek to collaborate with various stakeholders to scale up our efforts. We will closely monitor the implementation and progress of the targets in the following four areas, and report to the Board of Directors of the REIT Manager (the “Board”) on a regular basis.

Vision and Mission

Developed based on the mission of ESR Group, our core values: Excellence, Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability, serve as the cornerstone of our sustainability vision and mission and guide our business decisions.