The Portfolio
Asset Enhancement Initiatives - Trendy Centre

An existing chiller plant was replaced with a more energy-efficient model, enabling up to about 15% in energy savings for air conditioning consumption.

New chiller plant

Renovation works for common washrooms and cargo lift lobbies on typical floors were completed to provide a much more pleasant environment for tenants.

The lower portion of the façade was renovated to further upgrade the image and competitiveness of the property.

The ground floor lobby was renovated in order to match with the renovated façade to present a modern commercial building style. All the lighting system was changed to LED lighting, promoting green environment and decreasing utility cost of the property.

The passenger lift lobbies on typical floors were renovated, incorporating a stylish office design with new glass panels, brightly colored homogenous floor tiles and new ceiling panels.

Upgrading of the main lobby was completed, successfully lifting the building’s image.

The passenger lift lobbies on the 7th and 8th floors were renovated. The original industrial design was replaced by modern design with glass panel walls and light colored homogenous floor tiles.

The top floor was changed from a catwalk venue to leaseable area, generating additional revenue and distributable income for unitholders.

The customer service counter, which was portion of the ground floor, was changed to leaseable area, providing extra revenue.